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      Vertical Machining Centre DY-850L

    • Date: 2024-05-20
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    Product Performance:

    DY-850L Vertical machining center adopts advanced design concept and is developed by our engineers with rich experience for many years, which is suitable for China manufacturing and processing industry with excellent cost performance. And after million times of testina, the equipment has gained market recognition and customer favor. 

    1、 Precision resin sand casting: The casting is made of

    HT300 precision resin sand and cast with high quality cast iron,

    so that the machine tool can obtain high rigidity and long-term 

    Stable precision.And after sufficient secondary processing (tempering, vibration aging) for the machine is not easy to

    deform in the perennial use of the machine, can ensure the 

    Stability of the machine.

    2、Highly integrated intelligent electric panel:It is

    developed and and uparaded on the basis of traditional electric 

    cabinet. It has the advantages of simple wiring, strong dry

    tightness  resistance, low failure rate, high reliabilitv and

    high operation safety factor.

    3、 Advanced numerical control system:This product adopts

    FANUC of Japan system, Japan Mitsubishi system, 

    Huazhong system, Xindai system and other well-known systems, 

    the system uses modular structure control panel highly 

    integrated,high reliability, simple and convenient operation.

    4、 Famous spindle in Taiwan:The famous spindle imported from 

    Taiwan is adopted, which has the advantages of high 

    reliability,low noise, small vibration and high precision.It

    is suitable for high precision,high rigidity and high speed


    5、High-speed servo tool magazine:High-speed servo tool magazine realizes high-speed tool change, fast and stable, greatly reduces the non-machining period,and greatly increases the machining efficiency.  

     6、Guide rail and lead screw: Class C3 high-rigidity pre-tightening ball lead screw of famous brand in Taiwan is adopted, which can realize high-precision position control and ensure the stability of the machine tool.The linear guide rail adopts the P grade guide rail of Taiwan or Germany, which improves the axial running speed of the machine tool and ensures the positioning accuracy of the machine tool.





    After-sales Service:

    1 Installation and commissioning

    1).The buyer shall provide the eguipment installation site and make preparations according to the matters notified by the Supplier in advance.

    2).After the equipment arrives at the factory, conduct unpacking inspection with our company's representative. If any damage or reduction is found, please inform our company immediately.

    3).After unpacking and acceptance of the equipment, the Buyer shall first conduct mechanical positioning, cement filling of foundation holes, rough level adjustment and other works, and then fine installation adjustment. The Buyer shall at least notify our company to send personnel in advance.

    4). The Buyer is requested to assist the installation and commissioning personnel of our company in arranging accommodation, meals and transportation, etc.

    5).The Buyer is requested to designate the operator and maintenance personnel of the machine, and assign special personnel to assist our company in the installation and commissioning of the machine tool. After the mechanical acceptance is completed, the buyer shall sign the machine tool acceptance report in duplicate in real time, and each party shall keep one copy.

    2 Acceptance

    1). Before installation acceptance, the Buyer shall prepare for installation and commissioning according to installation and commissioning matters.

    2).Appearance inspection: The personnel of the Buyer and the Seller shall conduct visual inspection on the appearance, and check and accept according to the Contract and its annexes.

    3).Performance and function acceptance: Acceptance shall be carried out according to the scope of supply of machinery and controller determined by both parties.

    4).Mechanical accuracy acceptance: The acceptance shall be based on the inspection record sheet of random delivery accuracy provided by our company.

    3 Technical training

    1)The Supplier shall be responsible for technical training for the Demander, and the training time, place and content shall be based on the contract agreed by both parties (the training time can be conducted during installation and commissioning).

    2)The training content is related to the actual project, and the training shall be conducted on the machinery, system, operation, maintenance and other related contents.

    4.4 Quality service

    1)From the date of final acceptance, 12 months'Three-Guarantee service shall be implemented for the whole product, and free maintenance shall be implemented for the product within the warranty period (only cost fee shall be charged for vulnerable parts, man-made damage and force majeure).

    2) During the warranty period, if it is verified that it is the user's fault: The appearance or internal damage of the machinery caused by the loading and unloading and transportation process and the storage time is too long; the human damage caused by improper operation and self-disassembly and modification shall not be covered by the above free warranty, and the user must pay all maintenance and repair expenses. (Note: The damage of equipment caused by natural disasters is not covered by our company's warranty. For example:lightning strike, flood, fire, earthquake, as well as relocation, secondary training, etc.).

    3)If the equipment fails and the user information is obtained, the cause and treatment measures of the failure can be accurately judged, the reply shall be given immediately;if the reply cannot be given immediately, reply within 2 hours, and send personnel to the site for treatment as soon as possible. The specific time depends on the preparation time of parts.

    4)After the warranty period expires, our company will continue to provide maintenance services for users, and collect the cost of parts and service fees according to our charging standards.

    5) If the Buyer fails to perform according to the Contract afteracceptance, the Seller shall have the right to stop after-sales service.

    Due to the different configuration, special order, numerical control system and continuous optimization of products, some technical parameters will be affected. Please check according to the actual situation when ordering, and the supply and sales contract shall prevail!In the actual application of the Technical Agreement, the Supplier has the responsibility and obligation to optimize the application of the principle of being responsible for the customer.